Local good Samaritan saves teen from burning vehicle

OKLAHOMA CITY – A teen is alive after a good Samaritan pulled him from a burning SUV.

“I asked if he was hurt and is he okay. And then he said your son has been in a serious car accident,” said Pastor Mark Sinor.

Sinor’s son, Micah, lost control and hit another car in the rain. The accident happened along Waterloo Road just east of Penn late at night.

Sinor drove to the scene.

“Matt, the guy that pulled him from the car was there and he said, ‘hey, are you the father of Micah?’ And I said, ‘yeah,’ and he said, ‘I’m Matt, the one who called you,’’ said Sinor. “And I just reached out and grabbed him and just thanked him for risking his own life to save my son.”

After the crash, Matt, who is a retired police officer just happened to drive by. He saw the SUV on fire and pulled Micah out.

Micah doesn’t remember much.

“The first thing I remember is sitting in some random guy’s car with some random shoes on and the fire department’s helping me wrap my legs and that’s the first thing I remember,” said Micah Sinor.

He escaped with some broken bones and lacerations but will be okay.

“I’m just thankful for him and just thankful that he stopped and saved my life,” said Micah.

His dad is thankful, too.

“I had no control whether he would live, or he would die,” said Sinor. “I had no control with his injuries. And when you don’t feel like you’re in control, you have to put your faith, and your hope, and your trust in the God who is in control.”

The man who pulled Micah from the car did not want to do an interview but told the family he was just doing the right thing.

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