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Mail stolen from multiple houses in NW Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY - One of the last places you’d want your personal information stolen from is your mailbox. But, residents near Quail Creek said that’s exactly what happened to them and now they’re being extra cautious.

“I check the bank every morning and noticed a transaction that we did not do,” homeowner Kassie Medina said.

Homeowners in the northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood are now checking their mail very closely, after some has gone missing.

“My initial thought was somebody had been in my house and taken a check,” Medina said.

Turns out, someone had stolen the check out of Medina's mailbox. The thief then washed it and reused it at a Walmart, racking up over $200 worth of items.

“Maybe some child that wasn’t gonna get Christmas, got Christmas. I mean, that’s about as positive as I can think about it,” she said.

Just last week, other neighbors in the area reported on the Nextdoor app that their mail had also been stolen.

One homeowner who didn't want to go on camera said he put a tax form in the mail and, 15 minutes later, it was gone. He said his mail hadn't been picked up yet.

Now, neighbors said they're being extra cautious. Some even said they'll rent a PO box to have packages sent to.

“Have them deliver it somewhere else, or have them have to sign for it or have it sent to the office, anywhere but your home, which really should be the safest place for you,” Medina said.

After talking to her bank, Medina chose not to file a police report. The bank refunded her money.

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