Teen looking for supportive family, a place to call home

OKLAHOMA CITY - Dayton loves talking about comic book characters, especially DC and Marvel.

"Green Lantern is my favorite DC hero. Superman's my second favorite," he said.

He’s a typical 14-year-old boy, but with a lot of insight about what those characters mean.

"Some of them were born with those powers, like off of X-Men," he said.

Dayton lives at a group home with several other boys. He says he helps them cope with some of their anger.

"But I do what I can to help," Dayton said. "I listen to them and then when they're calm, I come out there and say, 'what was that about?'”

It's coping skills he says he's learned in his more than seven years being under DHS custody.

For a career, Dayton is thinking about joining the army or working for a trucking company as a mechanic.

Before that he'd like to find a family to help him make those goals.

"A family that goes hunting,” he said.

He'd love to hunt for deer one day with a mother or father, or both. Dayton says it doesn't really matter to him what type of family he has, as long as they love him.

"Also want to have one that will be there for me," Dayton said. "Whenever I need them."

A teenager who has been without that support for too long, hoping to find a place to call home.

For more information on adopting Dayton, call Tom Peterson at 405-325-9398 and tell him you saw Dayton on this segment.

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“A Place To Call Home” is sponsored by Great Plains Bank.

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