Alleged hit list found at Oklahoma middle school has parents on edge

LINDSAY, Okla.-- In the small town of Lindsay, an alleged 'hit list' floating around the middle school has parents outraged.

“Our principal was tipped by a student that a couple of girls had a made a mistake and made a list of other students in the middle school that they’d like to harm,” said Lindsay Schools Superintendent Dan Chapman.

Chapman said the school learned of the list shortly before Christmas break, over three weeks ago.

However, parents say they are just now finding out about the list, even though some of their children's names were on it.

While no one wanted to go on camera, some took to Facebook to voice their concerns.

"There is absolutely no justification for not notifying the parents in this case. With the world we live in ‘see something, say something’ has to be the way things are handled! I would be furious!” one person wrote.

“I'd be looking into an attorney. Filing charges. This has to stop. Don't ignore or brush it underneath the rug as nothing. I don't want Lindsay being the next school shooting," another said.

At first, Lindsay Public Schools chose not to inform parents or get the police involved. They’re now saying that was a mistake.

“On a normal basis, we would have contacted the police immediately and contacted parents and human error, unfortunately, does occur,” Chapman said.

The school said its planning to hold an assembly to discuss the situation with students.

“We’re increasing security. We’re, at this time, handing out literature. Trying to educate our students on the harmful or possible bullying tactics that they may not take very seriously but could cause harm to other kids,” Chapman said.

News 4 tracked down the mother of one of the girls who created the list. While she didn’t want to be identified, she said her daughter didn’t mean to do this.

“Them being afraid of my daughter bringing a gun to school? No, that would never happen,” the mom said.

The mom also said her daughter has been bullied at school and made the list as a way to blow off steam, without realizing the repercussions of it.

“My daughter should have never done this, at all. And I do regret what she did and she apologizes,” she said.

Her daughter was originally suspended for five days but now she says she won’t be able to go back to school until next year. She just hopes the other parents will understand that this was all a big mistake.

“She’s scared. She did not mean to put anything down like that,” she said.

The school said they’re now working with the police department while they further investigate the situation.

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