Classen Ten Penn residents speak up about potential OnCue moving in

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The well-known OnCue gas station and convenience store chain is eyeing a new location, on NW 13th and Classen, provoking mixed feelings from Classen Ten Penn residents.

Wednesday night, OnCue representatives held a public meeting to hear from the residents about the proposed development. OnCue is looking to rezone two residential lots abutting a vacant lot on Western. One of those homes is less than five years old and the other was recently renovated.

"They'll get rid of two homes, demolish those homes and place a drive-thru there, that's our major concern," said resident Jenna Johnson, in opposition to the project.

In addition to residents expressing concerns about putting local gas stations and coffee shops out of business, traffic was repeatedly named as a prevalent concern. OnCue representatives recently completed a traffic report, presented at the meeting.

"It's a bad intersection today. Oncue, at their cost, is willing to do everything they can to fix it," said attorney David Box, representing the gas station chain.

He explained OnCue would not bring in unique traffic, but serve as a pit stop to travelers already on area roads. While residents are concerned about increased congestion, Box and OnCue's traffic engineers outlined a plan to add turning lanes to the Classen/Western area to help traffic flow.

Most of the vocal residents present say the chain just doesn't quite fit with the Classen Ten Penn community, but Box says OnCue will be a good neighbor.

He outlined plans to create a smaller-than-usual gas station with only eight pumps, as well as lights that won't bleed over into neighboring homes. Plans also mention a ten-foot drop down from the adjacent home and a number of trees to serve as a buffer to separate the business from the neighborhood.

Though most residents expressed opposition, there was a smaller group of supportive residents, looking forward to what OnCue will bring to the area.

"I'm kind of excited about another development going in there just because that part of the neighborhood needs something to kick off the development," said resident Jessica Thompson, "I think OnCue could do that."

She says she believes the gas station chain will be a good addition that will invest back into the neighborhood and promote homeownership. She says she also looks forward to the prospect of a nearby station that sells 100% gas.

"I do think there's a big group of people who want a nice gas station product," said Box. "There just flat-out isn't a nice gas station product in the core of Oklahoma City."

Thursday, the proposal will go before the planning commission, who will then make a recommendation to city council.

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