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Britton construction immediately causing residential road traffic in The Village

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THE VILLAGE, Okla. - Residential streets are already seeing a massive influx in traffic after a stretch of Britton was closed for construction.

On Thursday, westbound Britton Road was closed between Penn and May for the reconstruction of the road. Faced with sudden closure signs, some of the 20,000 drivers that travel daily on Britton are forced to reroute, and immediately, a large number poured through neighborhoods.

The ordinarily quiet street, Carlton Way, is feeling the brunt of it.

"Carlton Way is, I think, the only street that goes from Penn to May so I had a feeling it was going to get pretty bad. It's just been nonstop traffic since we've been out here," said local resident Joe Grizzle. "So it's going to get pretty annoying pretty quickly I'm sure."

It may not end soon. Construction isn't scheduled to be finished until November. Half of the time, traffic will be allowed to go westbound all the way, the other half eastbound all the way.

The Village mayor, Sonny Wilkinson, wants to assure residents that the nuisance, which his home is also subjected to, will be worth the brand new stretch of Britton.

In the meantime, he's urging all metro drivers to plan ahead and stay on major roadways for everyone's benefit.

"You're not the only one who thought of this great idea to cut through a neighborhood," Wilkinson said, "there's another couple hundred people right behind you."

He also warns that police will be stepping up patrols in the area to address the new traffic pattern.

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