No yolk: An egg is now the most-liked Instagram photo ever

SAN DIEGO — A world record cracked: An egg is now the most-liked Instagram photo ever.

Previously, 21-year-old billionaire Kylie Jenner held the world record for the most-liked Instagram photo of all-time.

Operating behind an alias, Henrietta, a free-range chicken from the British countryside, told FOX 5 he came across an article about the top 10 most-liked Instagram photos. Kylie Jenner was at the top of the list with more than 18 million likes on a photo the beauty guru shared to her Instagram profile back in February 2018.

But as of Monday morning, the self-proclaimed “EGG GANG” Instagram account held the world record at more than 26 million likes and 2.8 million followers.

Guinness World Records verified the achievement on Jan. 14, 2019.