2 women spend 3 hours stealing from local Goodwill

OKLAHOMA CITY - Prices at Goodwill range, from around $3 for a pillow or about $4.50 for a pair of jeans, so customers are confused as to why somebody would shoplift from the nonprofit.

“I think that's terrible. They practically give it to you, anyway,” said shopper Norma Ross.

Ross is one of many customers who frequent the Goodwill at Northwest 164th and Pennsylvania, buying items on a big discount that then go to Goodwill's employment programs.

But, around noon, last September, two women went into the store and decided to go on a shopping spree.

However, police said the women never paid for anything.

“On the video, you get a really good look at them as they're loading up the cart,” said Master Sergeant Gary Knight.

Surveillance video just released by Oklahoma City police shows just how much the women took with them.

Workers told police the women were in the store for three hours, piling clothes and other items into a basket.

“An inordinate amount of time for somebody going to steal,” Knight said.

They then filled a truck bed and took off.

Police are now looking for the two women who stole from the nonprofit.

“This is the type of organization that's obviously there to help people who are in need with a place like Goodwill, and that's who they're targeting so it makes it more of a heinous crime to many people,” Knight said.

“It doesn't matter where you shoplift from. It's just the wrong thing to do,” said Cami West-Puentes.

Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma sent a statement to News 4, saying the following:

"We at Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma are stewards of the donations that the community entrusts to us. When people steal from Goodwill, they are stealing essential job training and placement services for individuals facing challenges to employment in the local community. As with any retailer, theft can be an issue, and we take all reasonable measures to protect our employees and donated merchandise.”

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