Second teen charged in McLoud girl’s death

McLOUD, Okla. — A second teen is now charged in the murder of a teen who was shot and killed at a classmate’s house in October, according to court records.

“Things have been, you know, of course, things have been difficult. Nothing is going to bring Kaylen back,” Cynthia Thomas, the mother of Kaylen Thomas, told News 4.

It’s been a hard year for Thomas and her family after her 16-year-old daughter, Kaylen Thomas, was shot in the head and killed at a classmate’s home in McLoud.

“I didn’t feel that the original charges fit the crime. These fit the crime and I stand behind the DA 100%,” Thomas said.

Thomas is talking about a huge development in the case. The original first-degree manslaughter charge that was filed against a 15-year-old was amended this week to second-degree murder.

Also this week, second-degree murder charges were filed against a second teen, 17-year-old Alano Marcelo Silverhorn, according to court records.

Both teens are being tried as youthful offenders, opposed to juveniles. This means once they are convicted, the judge can decide if each defendant will be sentenced as a juvenile or an adult.

“I found that one of my Facebook friends had posted the Shawnee Star had posted it and I clicked on it and read it and, I mean, I’ve had panic attacks since this occurred in the first place but this was the first time that I had a joyful panic attack,” Thomas said.

Thomas said she hopes this is one step closer to getting justice for her daughter.

“She was the most amazing high spirited, oh my gosh, she was just the life of the party. At her celebration, what I like to call her service, at her celebration, we played the life of the party from Sean Mendez because it just totally described her, who cares what people think. You be who you are, and that was her,” Thomas said.

A preliminary hearing for the 15-year-old is scheduled for Thursday at 1:30 p.m.

No court dates have been set at this time for Silverhorn.

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