Oklahoma Watches and Warnings

Oklahoma woman viciously attacked by dogs who jumped fence

TULSA, Okla. – Tammi Hart had just stepped outside of her home when her life changed in a split second.

“Like a pack of wolves killing a deer or something. I was like pork chop meat to them or something,” Hart told KJRH.

She said that she was outside of her home when two dogs across the street hopped the fence and started attacking her.

Hart was rushed to the hospital and immediately underwent surgery for injuries to her legs and arm. In the future, doctors say she will have to undergo multiple skin grafts and procedures.

While she recovers, she says she is also fighting for change. She says she fears that something like this could happen again in the future, and that it may be worse.

“I see stray dogs out all the time and I see people that walk the neighborhood that have to carry sticks and stuff,” Hart said.

Hart has filed a report with animal control, and is pursuing legal action against the owners for not properly containing their dogs.

“I have pit bulls. They act like pit bulls are atrocious. Mine are like big babies. It’s how you raise them and this guy raises his dogs to be violent,” she said.

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