Hundreds of dollars charged to unsuspecting victims’ debit and credit cards in Duncan

DUNCAN, Okla. - Duncan Police recovered six credit card skimmers from inside gas pumps, all at one gas station.

Police say a suspicious charge on one of their officer's gas cards was discovered on Tuesday morning.

“The city of Duncan had a charge on our fleet gas card and it was for $400 down in the Houston area,” said Lieutenant John Byers, Duncan Police Department.

The city was able to track the last purchase of the gas card down to a gas station on Highway 81. Police found 6 of the 8 gas pumps had a skimmer inside. Police say so far seven people have come forward to let officers know about fraudulent charges on their debit and credit cards.

One of the victims who spoke to News 4 said she`s on a fixed income and discovered a $100 charge from Katy, Texas on her debit card and she's never been there.

Byers says he does not think skimmers are an uncommon thing, but in Southwest Oklahoma they're quite uncommon.

“To actually have them on an ATM or gas pump or anything like that, this is my first time and I`ve been doing it for 20 years,” Byers said.

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