OG&E customer rep turns tables on would-be scammer

OKLAHOMA CITY - Our In Your Corner team and OG&E are teaming up to issue a scam warning.

This one is specifically targeting OG&E customers and it’s more sophisticated than ever.

“We're actually seeing someone take voice recordings from our customer call center and integrate them into the scam,” said OG&E spokesperson Brian Alford.

The scam greeting sounds just like the real thing when you call back, “Welcome to OG&E customer service.”

An OG&E customer rep pretended to be an OG&E customer and their conversation was recorded. 

The scammer threatens to cut off her electricity, unless she gets paid up on her delinquent account and instructs her to go to her nearest Family Dollar store to purchase prepaid debit cards.

In case you were still wondering, Family Dollar is not an official OG&E same day payment processing location and OG&E will never ask you to put your payment on a prepaid debit card, period.

“We will never call asking for a payment and we will never ask a customer to meet us somewhere to accept a payment,” Alford said.

Another dead giveaway you're being punked is when they don't have your actual OG&E account number to give you.

“I'm not allowed to confirm your account number if you don't have it,” the scammer added.

The OG&E rep responds saying, “Oh, you can't confirm my account number, but I need to send you money, okay.”

The In Your Corner bottom line:

  • It's easy to fake a phone number and make it look like its OG&E calling.
  • If you're unsure about an unpaid bill, hang up, and call OG&E’s local number from your bill.
  • Most of the time OG&E will notify you by mail.
  • There are rare cases when they might call you, but they'll never take personal information or payment over the phone. 

Scott also reminds us that the scammers prefer payment on a prepaid debit card, because they can't be traced, and all they need is the number on the back of the card to drain it.

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