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Witnesses recount devastating Oklahoma City apartment fire that claimed the lives of woman, three children

OKLAHOMA CITY - Officials are investigating a devastating apartment fire that left four people dead; three of those, children.

It happened around 3:00 a.m. Sunday at Quail Ridge Apartments off May and Memorial.

“Screaming,” said Evan Holbrook, a witness. “The husband or the man was punching the trash can out of frustration and I would feel the same exact way. I wouldn't know what to do.”

Holbrook saw the flames bursting out of the apartment complex right in front of him.

It didn't take long to realize the screaming came from the victims' family members.

“I saw pain in people’s eyes that I didn't expect to see from anyone,” said Holbrook. “It's just a whole different world when you really look and see all the pain this morning. I cried watching the family break over what was going on.”

The Oklahoma City Fire Department tells News 4 a man jumped off the second story balcony to escape the flames. He suffered second-degree burns. We're told he was going to catch the other victims but the fire just got too big.

M'kayla Lott says she wasn't home when the fire started, but Sunday morning when she saw what little was left of the building, she was heartbroken.

“I was startled and I was like, oh my gosh, so I got up and came home,” said Lott. “I saw like, right behind my whole complex that it was burnt down.”

Unfortunately, four people died in the fire, three of them, children.

Holbrook says this makes him realize life is too short and hopes others will hold their loved ones a little bit tighter.

“Right now, I want to go get my son and hug him to death,” said Holbrook. “Just make sure you're doing the best thing to keep your home safe. Make sure all of the fire detectors are working.”

To the families who lost loved ones, Lott says she is praying for them.

“My prayers and thoughts go out to you,” said Lott. “I know that's hard.”

In all, 10 to 12 apartments were damaged in the fire.

The cause is still under investigation by the Oklahoma City Fire and Police Departments.

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