2 Oklahoma County Jail inmates charged with trying to escape, steal vehicle

OKLAHOMA CITY - Two Oklahoma County Jail inmates have been charged Monday with allegedly trying to break out of the jail and steal a pickup truck earlier this month.

Taylor Gene Hooley, 24, and Daulton Matthews, 19, are both charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle and attempting to escape from a penal institution on January 14.

Hooley was initially arrested on January 1 on a warrant for second-degree burglary. Matthews was arrested last November for larceny of an automobile.

"These are trustees that were working in the kitchen area. And, at one point, when they were directed to take some trash out to an area, you have to open up a door to throw the trash down inside," said Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Mark Opgrande. "For whatever reason, the two individuals decided to climb into that little hole and get out to the other side, which is another secure area but, of course, it’s one where they're not allowed to be in."

According to a probable cause affidavit, Matthews and Hooley climbed through an opening of a fence surrounding the jail's trash compactor, into a secure parking area in the facility, where inmates are not allowed to be unsupervised.

Court documents allege the two used a tool to pick the lock of a pickup truck and broke the ignition switch in an apparent attempt to get the truck started. However, the pair were unable to do so and were still confined to a secure portion of the facility with 20 foot high walls.

"Once they realized they weren't able to get out any further, tried to make their way back inside," Opgrande said. "As they were coming back in, we had already been looking for them. So, they hadn't been gone very long, but gone just enough in the kitchen realized they had not come back from delivering trash."

Both men remain in the Oklahoma County Jail. A court date on these charges has not yet been set.

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