Mother remembers son who was tragically killed in Shawnee car crash

SHAWNEE, Okla. - “He really loved people. He was the most outgoing kid. He just loved everyone."

Cheryl Mckenzie will always remember her son, Logan Deardorff, by his high morals and strong character.

“He was a leader. He was a strong leader, and I don't even think he knew it,” Mckenzie said.

But, Deardorff showed it at the grocery store in which he worked.

“Had a gentleman one evening come in with a young child. His card declined, and Logan said, 'Sir, I got you,'” Mckenzie said.

The 18-year-old teen had two big passions: cars, especially his blue Mustang, and his beloved girlfriend, Shelby Johnson.

“This little girl, Shelby, changed my son in a short amount of time,” Mckenzie said.

Both of their lives were cut short Saturday evening when a white car rear-ended Logan’s Mustang. It happened on 45th in Shawnee.

The teens were students at Tecumseh High School.

The school is now showing their support for the victim's family and friends.

“I think, anytime you have a situation like this where you lose members of your school family, it's very difficult for anyone - especially for young people or students to understand how this could happen,” said Tom Wilsie, superintendent for Tecumseh Public Schools.

Counselors are at the school this week to help anyone affected, including staff who knew the teens.

“Many of the faculty had the students in class. Certainly, great bonds are built in those classrooms, so we certainly want to be conscious of our faculty, as well,” Wilsie said.

But, no bond is greater than that of a parent and their child.

Mckenzie said she's overwhelmed with the outpouring of support she's received from those who knew Deardorff.

“And, that's what's so great - to be able to actually hear how they really feel and to see the effect that he had on them and that Shelby had on them. It just says so much about them in who they are and their character,” she said.

Mckenzie will remember her son for his outgoing spirit and love for those he cared about the most.

“I just want everyone to know that, you know, we had a huge loss - not just the family, but a lot of people,” she said.

A friend of the family created a donation page for funeral expenses.

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