Report: NBA Star to Make Movie About Skirvin Hotel

Boston Celtics guard Kyrie Irving will star in and produce a horror movie about the Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City, according to a report in Variety magazine.

Irving will be an executive producer and work with Imagine Entertainment and famed Hollywood producer Brian Grazer on the movie.

The Skirvin Hotel has a reputation as being haunted, and several NBA teams have reported seeing strange things when they stay at the Skirvin when in town to play the Oklahoma City Thunder.

“Having had my own interesting experiences at the Skirvin Hotel, I connected with this idea immediately,” Irving told Variety. “To work with Brian Grazer is a dream come true, and I’m excited to bring this project to life with the Imagine Entertainment team.”

Irving has already starred in a movie, playing as the title character in “Uncle Drew” last year.


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