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Trying to sell your home? 5 tips to target millennial home buyers

OKLAHOMA CITY - It's a new year, and it looks like its a great time for Oklahoma home buyers.

On Tuesday, a new survey was released that shows Oklahoma City is ranked the third best place in the country for first-time homebuyers.

Realtor Becky Ivins, with Mover's Real Estate, says Oklahomans are poised to make a splash in the real estate market this year due to affordable housing and the number of buyers with good credit scores.

At this point, she says the average price of a home in Oklahoma City is about $160,000.

Millennials are dominating the real estate market, and there are several things they are looking for in a home:

  • They want to be able to see everything online
  • They are searching for affordability and convenience
  • Their top design choice is 'modern traditional'
  • They love outdoor spaces
  • They would rather have something smaller so they can have experiences.

Interest rates are unexpectedly low right now, depending on credit scores.

At this point, luxury homes are going for a bargain because there are simply too many on the market.

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