Body cam video shows inmate at Carver Transitional Center assaulting police

OKLAHOMA CITY - A naked and angry inmate has gotten into a battle with Oklahoma City police officers - and it's all caught on camera.

Police said the inmate at the Carver Transitional Center was angry, removed his clothes and assaulted a staff member at the halfway house.

“Hey, stay down,” said the officers.

In a crowded hallway full of inmates, officers try to arrest the naked man, but he resists and attacks his partner.

“Hey, get back,” said the officer. “Taser. Taser.”

The officer who tased the man falls down, hurting his ankle, while the other is still in a fight with the inmate.

The officer even gets kicked in the chest.

In the video, you can see there’s just one female employee helping the officers keep the inmates away.

“Back up,” said the police officers. “Get us some help here now. We are outnumbered.”

Police believe the inmate was off of his medication, and that's why he was acting out.

The suspect eventually starts to calm down with a little help of encouragement from another inmate.

“Look at me,” said an inmate. “Look at me, please. “You're making it worse.”

Eventually, police are able to put cuffs on the man - ending the terrifying situation.

The Department of Corrections said it will review the body cam video and, if there's any verbal abuse from specific inmates to the officers, they will be shipped to a higher security facility. They said it's unacceptable community behavior.

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