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Guthrie teen busted four days after making bail for illegally using police radios again

GUTHRIE, Okla. - A teenager out on bond for allegedly stealing and using police frequency radios, was arrested again for a similar crime just a few days after he got home.

Jared Joslin is charged with making a false report of a crime, and operating police frequency radios for illegal purposes.

Back in September, the 19-year-old was charged after authorities discovered Joslin allegedly had a radio he had stolen out of a deputy's police cruiser, a deputy's jacket, and had used the fire chief's email to hack into GeoSafe, a private system that is used to track first responder vehicles.

At the time, Logan County Sheriff Damon Devereaux said Joslin wanted to be in law enforcement and respond to bank robberies.

According to court documents filed for Joslin's newest charges, his family bonded him out of jail Friday, January 18 for $10,000, but on January 21 he allegedly committed another crime.

The affidavit states Joslin called Guthrie police dispatch the Monday after he was bailed out to make a complaint about his ex girlfriend.

"My ex left some stuff here at my house, and then she stole some of my stuff, and now she's saying she's going to get you guys involved, saying if I don`t give it back, she's going to get me arrested, and all this stuff," Joslin said to the dispatcher.

Court documents state he gave the name, "Josh Emmons" and an address he wasn't really at.

Two Guthrie police officers left a case they were working on to respond to the given address, but when they arrived, they discovered the home was vacant and for sale. Attempts from the dispatcher to call him back were not answered.

The next morning, officers listened to the call and immediately recognized the voice as belonging to Joslin. In the background of the call, they could also hear police radio chatter. When they went to the home he was last known to live at, police found a handheld radio and a police scanner. They also found a piece of paper dated 1-18-19 (the same day he bonded out) with frequencies for several police and fire frequencies written on it.

Joslin was arrested again. His bond is now set at $25,000.

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