Scammers use 5 federal agencies in attempt to get money and information

HOLDENVILLE, Okla. -  One woman says scam phone calls are becoming more and more frequent, and more bold. A woman in Holdenville says she was almost scammed by a group saying they were with 5 different federal agencies in an attempt to get thousands of dollars and valuable personal information from the small businesswoman.

"I've been getting numerous calls," said Kelly Huff.

Most of those calls had the Social Security Office number and left messages like this one"

"Return the call before we begin the legal proceeding against you."

After a ton of those messages stacked up on her voicemail, Kelly Huff decided to call back.

"They gave me their badge numbers, they reassured me this wasn’t a scam," said Huff.

They told the businesswoman that they were with the Social Security Administration, and that she was in big trouble. A car had been found in El Paso, Tx, rented in her name, using her social security number.

"The FBI and the US Marshals had also found 98 pounds of cocaine, and that if I didn’t participate in listening to them, then I would face legal action, and that I could be taken into custody within 72 hours," said Huff.

When Kelly questioned the legitimacy of the call, she said she was put on hold and transferred to a drug enforcement agent.

"They told me I was going to be indicted for laundering money and trafficking cocaine. The DEA agent gave me his name and badge number, they gave me an actual case number. I mean it seemed so legit," Huff told News 4.

But Huff says she has been the target of scams like this before.

"At this point I'm trying to hang up the phone, but they kept putting me on hold and getting the US Treasury on the phone and they are going to seize all of my bank accounts," said Huff.

Huff says she finally did hang up and immediately contacted the Social Security Administration. News 4 called the SSA too, they sent us a statement saying there are aware of many scams involving their office.

"SSA will never threaten an individual with arrest, decrease in benefits, ‘frozen’ benefits, or other adverse action."

Kelly hopes others will learn from her scary call.

Huff's and the social security office's advice is the same:

"Just hang the phone up...tell them to have a good day and go on," said Huff.

The Social Security Office told News 4, they will never contact you by phone without you contacting them first.

If you suspect you have received a scam call, you should hang up, and then report details of the call to the Office of the Inspector General at ‎1-800-269-0271 or online at

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