Seasoned hunter, Navy veteran accidentally shoots herself in the leg

TULSA, Okla. - A hunter's worst nightmare: a woman's gun accidentally goes off and the bullet goes straight through her knee.

Now, she's worried she may lose part of her leg.

Rebecca Lackey was in the military, so she's used to being around guns and this wasn't her first hunt.

But, a freak accident left her in the hospital for months.

Lackey says she pulled up her gun to shoot a deer, but it went off, unintentionally.

“I can't think is my glove got hung on the trigger because it was like the gun went off and it went this way and I saw knee components going this way,” said Lackey.

She looked down and saw her knee shattered.

“It was burning,” said Lackey. “All I could say is, Oh God, please don`t let me die in this tree stand.”

Thankfully, she was able to call her husband who was also hunting on the other side of their property.

“I called him and I said, I just blew my leg off,” said Lackey.

She was then taken by helicopter to a Tulsa hospital.

“It was two months of torture pretty much,” said Lackey.

Hunting and gun safety is nothing new to Lackey and her family.

“I was a Gunners Mate in the Navy,” said Lackey. “I’ve hunted my entire life. I`ve been around guns since I could breathe.”

8 surgeries, 12 blood transfusions and 2 skin grafts later, she's finally out of the hospital. Two months after the accident.

“Don't take things for granted,” said Lackey. “You never realize how much walking is just normal for you and then all of a sudden you can`t.”

She hopes other hunters and those licensed to carry understand you can never be too careful because this can happen to anyone.

“Trigger awareness,” said Lackey. “Know where your fingers are. Know when your gun is loaded. I knew what I was doing and I got complacent. It only took a second.”

Lackey says right now, she's waiting to meet with another doctor to see if they're going to reconstruct her knee or if they will amputate.

But, she says the most painful part is the fact that her hurt leg is nearly 6 inches shorter now after the accident.

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