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Woman arrested for attacking neighbor gets into more trouble during arrest in Pottawatomie County

POTTAWATOMIE CO., Okla. - After she allegedly brutally attacked her neighbor, deputies said a woman made things even worse during her arrest.

Autumn Moss was arrested after her neighbor, Tosha Gillham, told authorities she broke into her home and attacked her. Tosha said it all started with bath bombs Moss believed she took. That's when she followed her home and forced her way through Gillham's front door using a metal wand with blades.

"I was trying to grab the doorknob to close it and lock it, but by that time it was hurting so bad that I had to let go," Gillham said.

Once inside, Moss allegedly beat her repeatedly in the face, then strangled her with a rope.

"I was in the fetal position," Gillham said. "I didn't even know she had the rope, and that's when she grabbed it, dragged me, threw me down on the bed and choked me."

She said Moss threatened that no one would care if she was found dead. A few hours later, Gillham said Moss and her husband attacked her again, but this time her neighbor was there to fend them off.

"She was going to kill me, I know she was," Gillham said.

So deputies got a warrant and ended up also finding a large amount of marijuana in the couple's home.

"They were using standard kitchen appliances to make marijuana hash oil," said a Sheriff's Office deputy.

Moss was arrested, but en route to jail, she nearly broke a deputy's finger, and spat on her.

"Pretending to sneeze so she could try to get as much bodily fluids as possible on her," the deputy said.

Moss was arrested for burglary, aggravated assault and battery, attempting to perform an act of violence involving serious bodily harm, assault and battery, placing bodily fluids on an officer, and attempted escape while in custody.

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