OKC Zoo’s Will and Wiley concur with Punxsutawney Phil

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden’s grizzly brothers, Will and Wiley, have decided that spring is near.

Once stepping out of their winter den, the brother bears headed straight for the spring box. After deciding our future weather, they headed over to the winter box to destroy the season once and for all.

Will and Wiley came to the OKC Zoo in 2003 when they were orphaned in the wilds of Alaska at about 6 months old. A hunter shot their mother without realizing that she had cubs. Luckily, he did the right thing and turned the two cubs into the wildlife department.

The boys are named after Will Rogers and Wiley Post, two famous Oklahomans. Rogers and Posts’ plane actually went down in Alaska during a trip and the two men passed away there. That gives their name a special meaning to these Alaskan brothers!

It is suspected that the brothers are twins, though that is not confirmed.

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