Doodles Writ Large: Son’s tribute to his father fills the outside wall of building in Enid

ENID, Okla. - If he's not home, there are two places in Enid where you can find attorney Ben Ezzell - his office, of course, and a wood shop across town.

"I grew up doing something with my hands every weekend," Ben said.

Up until about a year ago, you could find Ben's father, David Ezzell, in both places, too.

"We got along really well," Ben said.

Father and son practiced law together and built all kinds of projects together.

"We worked on everything," Ben said. "In fact, I still have a lot of his stuff around. I have the plaque from his office. I have his old leather tool belt up there he would wear on every project."

David's battle with esophageal cancer ended in March of 2018 - but his handiwork, his legal opinions and even his doodles still pop up in all kinds of places.

"When he was on the phone or in a meeting, he'd sit there in the margins of these yellow legal pads we had everywhere and just doodle. It was a way for that part of his mind to keep focused," Ben said.

As the weather got warmer and the wood shop busier last spring, Ben got the idea to use his father's 'marginal' art work in a big way. He commissioned an artist and friend in Enid to take a few of the best doodles, enlarge them and then pain them on the side of their shop on East Randolph Avenue.

"It was nice to do something big and weird that I know he would have liked," he said.

Ben still hears from all kinds of people around town, in court or at the shop who want to pass on their memories and condolences.

The mural is a tribute to his continuing influence on both son and city, a long meandering line that touches all kinds of things.

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