Bricktown will celebrate 20 years by making improvements

OKLAHOMA CITY - A beloved Bricktown staple is now closed for good.

After 25 years, Chelino's served its last meal on Saturday.

Following the closure, many people are wondering what's next for the area, especially along the canal.

This summer, the Bricktown canal is celebrating 20 years, but with some empty buildings in the area, and another restaurant closing, some say there's room for improvements.

“I think it's progressing, but I still think there's a long way to go,” said Ashley Boyd, A Bricktown visitor. “We're still really small compared to really big cities.”

“It's going in the right direction, but again there is more to do with the MAPS and all of that,” said Joseph Anderson, Bricktown visitor. “Fix the canal and have more for the youth.”

However, Jill Delozier, the VP of Downtown OKC says there's a lot of projects in the works.

The City of Oklahoma City, the Public Works and Parks Departments invested millions of dollars to re-do the west end of the Bricktown canal.

“They are going to be upgrading the plaza that we are standing on and add some way finding and some lighting, LED lights,” said Delozier.

“On the plaza near Reno, they have taken out the old playground ad possibly a flag pole, some seating and more access to the canal,” said Delozier.

According to Chad Huntington with the water taxis, visitors will see new landscaping around the Bricktown canal before the celebration in June, along with something else that will catch their eyes.

“Our goal is to have regular rotating lighting displays along the canal throughout the year and to involve the local arts community and artist in the creation of some fantastic displays,” said Huntington.

Delozier also wants folks to let them know how they can make Bricktown a better place.

“We recognize that Bricktown is not perfect and no district and no area of any big area is going to be perfect and without flaws,” said Delozier. “So, we are so open to hearing feedback from the public.”

So far, there are no plans yet for what will come next for the building that housed the Chelino's.

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