3 Choctaw students removed from school after 2 separate racist incidents

CHOCTAW, Okla. - Not one, but two separate incidents of racism in one week has caused controversy at Choctaw High School-- forcing school leaders to remove 3 students.

“We don't condone that. It's something that we really take seriously,” said Choctaw High School junior, R.J. Hutchison.

The principal said the school research officer launched an investigation after racial slurs were found in a boy`s bathroom stall.

Then a video surfaced showing a student repeatedly yelling racial slurs.

In response to the incidents, the school sent us this statement, also sent out to Choctaw parents, saying in part,

“CHS will not tolerate inappropriate remarks of  a derogatory nature to be made towards any race or ethnic group.  We have been able to identify those responsible due to our student body providing critical information.  We ask that you help us as we move forward to not let the actions of three people destroy the positive culture built at CHS.  Please share with your child the importance of appropriate speech and respect for all people.”

Lee Roland, a local pastor and former educator, spends his days teaching schools about racial incidents like this.

“I think the absolute answer is to confront it. It is an elephant in the room and we must talk about it,” Roland said.

Roland said educators and parents need to start having these difficult conversations with their students and kids. And figure out how they're going to address it to create permanent change.

“I think our schools would do themselves a world of good if they just adopted a policy,” Roland said.

Now students are coming forward to say this is not the norm for Choctaw and hope something changes.

"This isn't gonna change overnight. This is how people were raised, obviously. They weren't born into it, they were taught,” said Choctaw senior, Jeston Batson.

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