From fouls to fractions: Referee helps Oklahoma 6th grader with homework during halftime 

MARIETTA, Okla. – Math can be tough sometimes – just ask 6th grader Lily Taylor.

Last week, Taylor and her mom, Lori Edwards, attended a basketball game in Healdton. Taylor decided to get some homework in while she was there, but was having trouble when it came to math.

She had no idea she’d get help from an unexpected tutor during halftime – Referee Michael Walton.

“I was doing my homework and he came up to me and asked me if I understood that, and I said, ‘Not really,'” Lily Taylor told KTEN.  “He told me to switch the fraction to a decimal. So I did that, and that made it a lot easier for me.”

And, just days before, Edwards had reached out for math tutors for Taylor.

“So here two days later, the ref comes at a basketball game and asks her if she needs help with her homework,” Edwards said. “I just felt God put us all in the right place at the right time.”

Walton, also known to many as “Smiley,” says he was just doing the right thing.

“You do things to make people feel better, not to get publicity,” said Walton, “I was there for a reason at that moment.”

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