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Caleb Freeman, OU fan and car crash survivor, honored at OU Basketball game

NORMAN, Okla. – Caleb Freeman, a Newcastle High School student who was injured in a serious car accident December 2017 on his way to an OU basketball game, was honored at today’s OU men’s basketball game, 14 months after that fateful event.

Freeman, a former basketball player and track athlete himself, was named OU’s 6th starting man before their game against Texas Tech.

The players on the team, including former OU basketball star Trae Young, are huge fans of Caleb, inspired by his unwavering strength and faith.

For weeks, Caleb didn’t wake up. He laid in the ICU comatose, paralyzed, wavering between life and death.

His brain had been so rattled by the impact of the wreck it had stopped running his body. Ninety percent of patients with this type of traumatic brain injury never wake up.

Despite all the odds, Caleb woke up and is now walking and talking just months after the near-fatal accident.

“It’s only God, and no one else,” Caleb said. “All the healing is because of Him. All the progress is because of God. He’s been with me through it all. Without Him, I wouldn’t be alive.”

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