“He’s lovable,” Young boy dreams of being a magician, finding a loving home

OKLAHOMA CITY - Anthony is pretty typical for a 9-year-old, but it's his goals for the future that make Anthony so magical.

Anthony's best day would include building LEGOS or playing video games. In fact, it's what he looks forward to the most in a family.

"He would like to have a dad to be able to play video games with because video games [are] his favorite," said Jamie Washington, a DHS adoption worker.

When this sweet boy is in school, he enjoys being social.

"What I like about school is we get to make new friends and play on iPads," Anthony said.

"Anthony is a sweet kid. He's lovable. Any family that has him will love him,” Washington said.

Anthony says he would like to bring a lot of 'magic' to a family's life.

"I've done a trick with my own wallet before. It's a magic wallet,” Anthony said, hoping for a little magic in his home life too.

Anthony lives at a foster home, but he's looking for a more permanent solution.

"He stated a family for him is just a mom and a dad. He really does better with being the only kid in the home," Washington said.

Anthony says there is one other thing he wants in a family.

"My own dog," he said.

His adoption worker also says he needs parents who will be patient with him.

He went into state care when he was a toddler and has spent almost his entire life in DHS custody.

"Part of his goal hasn't always been adoption. Some of that goal was to return home, but when that was not feasible, his goal turned to adoption," Washington said.

Anthony means a lot to his adoption worker, who got into social work to help the helpless.

"I had a wonderful family growing up and I can't imagine kids not having that, so that's something that drives me every day in the work I do," she said.

For more information on adopting Anthony, call Tom Peterson at 405-325-9398 and please tell him you saw him on this segment.

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