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Oklahoma representative posts pic showing need for more changing tables in state buildings

OKLAHOMA CITY – A bill that would make it a little easier for families with young children to visit state buildings has passed through a subcommittee at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

House Bill 2017, authored by Rep. Kelly Albright (D-Oklahoma City), unanimously passed through the House Appropriation and Budget Government Subcommittee with an 8-0 vote.

The bill would require all new, renovated, or replacement state and municipal buildings to include at least one baby changing table.

“We often hear about how government should be transparent and accessible,” Albright said. “Part of being accessible means having government buildings that are welcoming to families. This legislation works toward that goal. I appreciate the A and B subcommittee, and I look forward to working with members to get this legislation to the Governor’s desk.”

It’s an issue that has affected not just those visiting the Capitol, but even some lawmakers.

Rep. Mickey Dollens tweeted his frustrations after not having a space in the men’s restroom to change his son’s diaper.

“As a new dad, I love being involved in my son’s daily activities & part of that is changing diapers. However, most public men’s restrooms aren’t equipped w/a baby changing station. This includes all but one restroom (1st floor) in the OK State Capitol,” he tweeted.

Dollens says he went to the fifth floor men’s room to change his son’s diaper, but ended up having to change him on his desk in his office.

“My wife snapped this pic in my office after my son and I returned from the 5th floor men’s room after having no luck in finding a clean space to change his diaper. This is a common occurrence for us.”

Dollens says he learned that each floor of the Capitol will have a baby changing station in all restrooms once the construction project is complete.

The issue of changing tables has come up in cities across the country within the last couple of years.

In October, the Norman City Council was considering an ordinance that would require changing tables in both women’s and men’s restrooms, or a family restroom, for any new construction or any business renovating at least half their existing bathroom space.

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