Valentine’s love story: He came to give blood, she took his heart

OKLAHOMA CITY -- In June of 1987, Tim Mathis was on his way to play golf and Julie Anderson was on her way to work.

"It was a chance meeting," says Julie.

Tim had it on his schedule to give blood that day, so he stopped in at the Oklahoma City Blood Institute North location because it was closest to the course.

"I went and played golf," chuckles Tim.

Julie usually worked out of the mobile blood donation unit, but was here to cover a shift.

Tim walked in and that was it for Julie.

"I just got giddy and nervous. We talked a little bit and his bag overflowed, and we couldn't use it," Julie remembered.

She got his number off the application sheet.

"I didn't know they did that," says Tim.

"And I called him," Julie continues.

"Stalker," interjects Tim.

He asked her out.

Three months later, they were married.

Julie remembered telling a co-worker that she was going to marry him when she spotted Tim.

"Someday was 90 days later," says their visitor.

"Yes," agrees Julie. "It was a whirlwind romance."

Tim and Julie have had more than 31 years now to think about their chance meeting and how their futures changed in a single morning.

"We never really looked back," says Tim.

"There was never a question," says Julie. "I was 19 and he was 25."

They're both glad things turned out the way they did.

"Very quick," says Tim.

"Yeah," says Julie. "We just kind of knew."

Two kids, three grandkids - soon to be four - dogs and cats, too.

On their tenth anniversary, he proposed again.

On their twentieth, they renewed their vows.

On their thirtieth, they both went back to the start and gave blood.

"Look what I got out of the deal," smiles Tim.

There is a saying about stealing hearts that applies to some couples, but not this one.

Tim donated his one day a long time ago, and then got one in return.

The Mathis family spent several years running the Danger Zone Program for Oklahoma high schools.

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