Shoe shine surprise for man representing OKC to visitors far and wide

"Gina came home from trip recently and said, 'John...there's a guy at the airport that needs to be recognized.’”

That’s what John Doyle of Perkins says about the day his wife Gina decided to nominate Harold Smith for Pay It Forward.

For more than 32 years Harold has been shining shoes at his stand inside the terminal at Will Rogers World Airport in OKC.

"It's not a job no more...after you do it so long,” Harold told us. “It's not a job, it's a hobby. Got a lot of pride in it."

And Harold has made a lot of friends in the process.

"He's very devoted to his customers,” airport official Karen Carney says. “He's been known, if you bring your shoes out, he'll come out from the concourse and get your shoes, polish them up and bring them back to you and I know he has even delivered some to his customers homes."

Gina says there is something else Harold does that makes him special.

“I come in to fly out of the airport probably about 15 or 20 times a year,” Gina says. “I've observed him interacting with people about really promoting OKC and being really kind to his customers and always representing OKC in a positive way and doing all the little things of a job that most people don’t notice."

We surprised Harold at his shoe shine stand.

Harold is a man of few words in front of a camera, but his eyes were swimming with emotion when he said, “Thank you.  I really appreciate it.  This will go towards my retirement.”

Harold Smith, paying it forward…in his little corner of the world.

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