Oklahoma man who made moat around property arrested for stolen items

Credit: FOX 23

WAGONER COUNTY, Okla. – An Oklahoma man was arrested after he allegedly built a fort around half of his building.

Officials told FOX 23 that deputies had the Vinita property under surveillance for weeks after getting information that Raymond Lane, Jr. had a stockpile of weapons and told people that he wasn’t going back to prison.

Investigators also believe that Lane is the driver who rammed a Coweta police cruiser when the officer tried to pull him over.

In fact, authorities say Lane used a bulldozer to dig a moat around half of his property. He also allegedly tore up the rest of the ground on the other side to keep them from easily approaching a building.

When deputies raided the property, they found a stolen fifth wheel RV, two stolen box trailers, drugs and a possibly stolen bulldozer.

Officials say Lane will have to settle cases against him in Craig County before he faces charges in Wagoner County.

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