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Are digital driver’s licenses in Oklahoma’s future?

OKLAHOMA CITY – A new change could be coming to the way Oklahomans carry their driver’s license after Governor Kevin Stitt announced that he would like to see a digital program roll out in the coming months.

The concept would create a backup of the physical license on your phone, putting all of the information on a specialized app.

Right now, it’s been tested and even rolled out in more than a dozen states. However, cyber experts warn that it is a risky move.

“We have a lot of important information on our phones; we’re not used to having our identification on our phones, so any time you have anything that’s important or of serious privacy to you, you’d want to make sure it’s encrypted,” said Det. Joshua Showman, with the Tulsa Police Department’s Cyber Crimes Unit.

Det. Showman and others say the developer of the app should include several different security measures before letting anyone into the program. Also, make sure the app can’t be copied so people can’t make fake IDs.

Right now, officials say they’re preparing to meet and talk to app developers about the project.

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