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Oklahoma City Ballet’s latest production is many things coming together on the point of 1 shoe

OKLAHOMA CITY - A new home, an old ballet, music, choreography, dancers, directors - so many details, so many facets of production come down to the point of a toe shoe here.

"It was one of the first ballets where a female dancer was brought on to point," said Oklahoma City Ballet Artistic Director Robert Mills.

The shoe, in this case, belongs to Miki Kawamura, a veteran of nine seasons with the Oklahoma City Ballet.

As a fairy like creature in this particular dance, Kawamura spends a great deal of time on point.

"On our toes and jumping," she said.

"Is that tough?"

"It is, actually," Kawamura said.

The ballet is called 'La Sylphide.' It is one of the oldest ballets still performed.

Jacob Sparso played in the production as a kid and as a professional dancer with the Royal Danish Company in Copenhagen, Denmark.

"You grow up with it," Sparso said. "It's like second nature."

Sparso and Mills talked for years about bringing La Sylphide to Oklahoma.

"It's a ballet I loved. It's a ballet that really made me want to be a ballet dancer," Mills said.

Their final decision on bringing this ballet here pointed back to Kawamura.

"She has such a pure, classical line and style. We knew she would dance this role really well," Mills said.

Sparso agrees.

"This ballet is kind of made for her," he said.

Kawamura's played so many starring roles over almost a decade of ballet with the company, La Sylphide - this leading role is to be here last on stage.

"A lot of things led up to my retirement," she said. "This was just perfect timing."

A dancer's time in the spotlight is fleeting.

So many things have to balance on the point of a slipper.

So many stories come together in one place - a dance from the 1830s, the life experiences of two directors, other dancers and Kawamura too.

"I feel like this is the perfect one," she said.

It's a beautiful final act set to dance.

The Oklahoma City Ballet's production of La Sylphide is scheduled for February 22 through 24.

There are three different dancers who will play the Sylph lead.

Kawamura will take the stage for the final time Saturday evening.

For more information on the ballet or for tickets, click here.

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