“Loving, caring, I’m a business man,” self described “business man” looking to be adopted

Dallas is 8 and full of giggles. Not a shy kiddo, but definitely one with a sweet personality that I guarantee you'll fall in love with. We took Dallas to Main Event to play some of his favorite games.

“Hi! Hiiii," Dallas said.

There's no filter with Dallas.

This 8-year-old knows exactly what he wants.

"I know what we're going to play," Dallas said.

A video game wonderland for this kiddo.

He loved the roller coaster ride the best.

But when he's home loves to be outside.

"I like to go swimming, ride bikes, be outside, climb stuff," he said.

In fact, there's not a lot Dallas doesn't like.

“Nothing. I like everything,"

"Homework?" Reporter Lacey Lett asked.

"I love it."

His favorite subject is math and his favorite superhero...

"I can tell you what. My whole room is painted as Spiderman,” Dallas said.

Dallas lives in a foster home. He likes it there, but he wants something different.

"I want to go to a real home,” Dallas said about finding a family.

"I want to live in the country. Two moms."

"And it has to be a clean house. Everything clean and no dirty and have at least a garage,” Dallas said.

"And can it be a home with two dogs or three dogs?"

Obviously, a boy who knows what he wants in his life.

He's also very interested in getting into sports. He says he's never signed up to be on a team.

"Football, basketball, soccer, golf, hockey."

An active child who has a lot of energy to burn through physical activities.

And one who is...

"Loving, caring, I'm a businessman," Dallas said.

"What kind of business do you have?" Lett asked.

"Most the thing is usually I do a lot of paperwork."

Dallas is a second grader with a vibrant personality and a lot of giggles looking for his permanent place to call home.

For more information on adopting Dallas, call Tom Peterson at 405-325-9398 and please tell him you saw this segment.

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“A Place To Call Home” is sponsored by Great Plains Bank.

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