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Man arrested after allegedly breaking into truck with woman in passenger seat

SAND SPRINGS, Okla. – An Oklahoma man was taken into custody after he allegedly broke into the wrong car in Sand Springs.

Police say a woman was sitting in the passenger seat of her boyfriend’s truck as she waited for her boyfriend to come outside.

“I was just kinda sitting here, waiting on him. I heard the door open so I just assumed it was him. Then I saw the flashlight, and was like, ‘Wait a minute,” she told FOX 23.

Instead of her boyfriend, she came face-to-face with a would-be burglar, according to police.

The woman said that the alleged thief didn’t even see her and started looking through the truck’s center console.

At that point, she said, “Hi, what are you doing?”

She says he looked up and tried to run away. She confronted him, but he was able to ride off on his bicycle.

A short time later, police found Cameron Garrelts and arrested him on a suspicion of car burglary complaint.

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