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Metro musician’s home burglarized, instruments stolen

OKLAHOMA CITY - Thieves ransacked an Oklahoma City home and stole valuable instruments in the process; now, the homeowner is desperate to get her antiques back.

Teresa Black said she found a crowbar inside of her home and believes the burglars used it to open her back door. She realized they also took nearly all of her family heirlooms.

“It’s so sad to see,” Black said. “It's like they are stealing memories of chunks of your life.”

The burglars allegedly turned Black’s home upside down and took anything of value.

“The house was like a tossed salad,” she said. “Drawers were open, closets open, all kinds of hat boxes, clothing, the linen closet, everything was emptied onto the floor.”

And, some of Black's most prized possessions are gone.

“A viola I had played as a child,” she said. “I was in the NW Classen Orchestra and the Oklahoma Jr. Symphony, a couple of violins, a Martin Guitar, probably the most valuable expense wise.”

On top of that, a couple banjos and Black's mother’s jewelry that were in her bedroom were also stolen.

“It's just like being hit by a truck,” she said. "It’s so shocking. Instruments that I had so much fun playing with the Oklahoma City Tradition Music Association and at Walnut Valley, musical festivals all over.”

Since the burglary, Black said she's also been dealing with identity theft problems.

“Checks and savings bonds were stolen, and now I am having every few days of someone trying to open credit in my name at Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, through Paypal,” she said.

But, Black said she got a call from a Mustang police officer who said they found some of those bonds.

“An officer there had talked to me about recovering those in a truck that crashed into a brick mailbox,” she said. “There was meth, meth needles and my savings bonds in there.”

Now, Black just wants back her instruments she planned to pass down to grandkids.

“It would mean so much to me to get back,” she said. “They just don't know the grief that they caused people, but they probably don't care.”

Thankfully, Black still has a few instruments that she can use to play her upcoming events.

If you know anything about the stolen items, call police.

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