Two women charged with murder in connection to deadly shooting

OKLAHOMA CITY – Two women have been charged in connection with a deadly shooting earlier this month.

On Feb. 10, Oklahoma City police were called to the area near N.W. 16th and Meridian after neighbors reported hearing gunshots in the area.

When officers first arrived on scene, they were unable to find a victim or the shooter. However, minutes later, officials with St. Anthony’s Hospital called 911 to report that a gunshot victim had just arrived at the emergency room.

The victim, who was identified as 39-year-old Matt Bowens, was ultimately pronounced dead at the hospital.

Investigators say a woman who was waiting with the victim at the hospital was taken to the police department for questioning. The woman, who was identified as 29-year-old Erika Schwengels, was arrested on a complaint of felony murder.

Three days later, police arrested 33-year-old Kristen Brooks on a complaint of first-degree murder.

On Tuesday, first-degree murder charges were filed against Schwengels and Brooks.

According to the probable cause affidavit, the alleged suspects took Bowens to purchase meth. When they arrived at an apartment complex in the area, Schwengels said that Bowens and Brooks got out of the car while she waited in the passenger’s seat.

“After a few minutes, Erika heard 5-7 gunshots and the [victim] ran back to the car stating he had been shot,” the affidavit reads.

Although the affidavit never says who shot Bowens, the women can be charged with murder under Oklahoma law because they knowingly took part in a felony that resulted in a death, regardless of their intent.

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