Alleged drunk driver plows through Weatherford home

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WEATHERFORD, Okla. - It was a brush with death for one Oklahoma family.

Certainly a close call after a driver slams his truck into their home.

Police say the alleged drunk driver ran a stop sign, went through Dustin Hayes' yard and slammed into his house.

Hayes says he's thankful to be alive.

“We can rebuild," said Hayes. "This is all materialistic items. What’s not is a life of me or my son.”

The man behind the wheel, Jamal Mays-Henderson, and police say he was drunk.

"It was just crazy," said Hayes. "It’s hard to explain what the feeling was except shock. You never expect somebody to drive through your house and it happened.”

Hayes says his two-year-old son was also furious.

"He wanted the police to spank the bad boy that ran through our house," said Hayes.

And to top it off, the family just remodeled their kitchen.

“A ton of money," said Hayes. "Spent a couple years customizing it ourselves. we had all custom cabinets, everything put in. All ruined in a matter of seconds with someone driving through.”

Hayes says Henderson even tried to put the truck in reverse and leave, but police were able to stop him.

“The fact that somebody would get in a vehicle that intoxicated in the first point and then try to leave the scene of an accident where they could have possibly injured somebody very badly, it’s sickening," said Hayes.

He's just thankful he and his son walked away without any injuries.

Now, he hopes this will make others think twice before getting behind the wheel after drinking.

"This happens everyday," said Hayes. "Drunk drivers hit people, they run through houses, they kill people, it’s unfortunate, but it's something that in America we deal with and maybe we need to try to get a better handle on."

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