Deer Creek grandmother says woman scammed donors in fundraiser 

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DEER CREEK, Okla. – A woman who held an online fundraiser for a grandmother in need, who’s raising two of her grandchildren, who have autism, was accused of scamming the donors. The money has now been returned, but now the woman is accusing the grandmother of scamming.

"Just need transportation was all it was all about,” Karen White told News 4.

White is raising her three grandchildren who go to Deer Creek schools. Two of them have autism and need frequent visits to the doctor.

However, since White’s car broke down, making those appointments has been tough.

"The twins are 12 years old and they are autistic, low-functioning autistic,” White said.

White took her crucial need for a car to the Deer Creek Parents Facebook page looking to purchase a car for a decent price.

"I had this lady approach me saying she could help me,” White said.

White said she didn’t ask for a handout. However, that fellow Deer Creek parent decided to start a fundraiser.

"She started taking donations through the cash app that went straight to her. The first time that I met her, was when she came over and told me that there was a lot of donations that had come in and then we talked for a little while and she said, you know what, let's go ahead and pay your bills,” White said.

She paid a few of those bills. However, White stopped hearing from the woman and never saw a penny of those donations. So, she decided to file a police report.

"From what I'm finding out, is she has done things in the past. Somebody told me she said she had cancer and she didn't. She took some cookie dough money,” White said.

News 4 stopped by the woman’s home. A woman came to the door. We asked if she was the woman we were looking for, or if she knew her. She answered no to both questions.

However, it was likely her. She called the KFOR newsroom after that and asked why a reporter was at her door.

So after that, we called her.

“The story, it’s done though. The money has already been given back to the donators,” she said.

We confirmed from comments posted to the Deer Creek Parents Facebook page that some donors did indeed get their money back.

Then, we asked why the money didn’t end up going to White.

"Because she tried to steal money,” she said. “She's getting criminal charges filed against her.”

The woman referenced two GoFundMe pages. Both were created to help pay for car repairs and medical costs for White’s grandchildren. We couldn’t find any proof that the money was used for anything other than that.

“GoFundMe takes money and Karen asked me to hang on to it, so that she didn't spend it,” the woman said. “Because she was afraid if she had it, she would spend it and never get the car.”

However, White denied that.

As for those alleged criminal charges, she wouldn’t tell us what those are for or give us the name of her attorney.

“I am feeling used. I feel like I've been scammed. I feel like my boys have been exploited and any time you have disabled children, you don't want that to happen,” White said.

We also asked the woman about the alleged fake cancer scam. She denied that and said she really did have cancer.

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