Get marathon ready with these doctor-approved stretches

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Do you ever warm-up before you run? If not, it’d be a good idea to start.

"Your muscles are like this rubber band. When you’re not warmed-up they can be stiff," says Dr. Louise Vo with Integris Family Medicine. "But after you’re warmed up, they become more stretchy and elastic."

Running on the spot or lunge with a twist are good dynamic exercises to do before running. Dynamic stretches are stretches where you stretch your muscles but through an active range of motion.

It’s important for both adults and children to warm-up.

It instills good healthy habits for the future. So if you’re already been used to exercising, you know daily four times a week when you’re young, it’ll be way easier to do that when you’re older.

After a run try some triceps stretches. They’re great for a cool down.

With these warm-ups and stretches you’ll be ready for Race Day.

Let’s Marathon!

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