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Mangum teen survives horrific crash, encourages others to buckle up and not drive distracted

BETHANY, Okla. - A local teenage girl has survived a terrible crash and is making it her mission to prevent the same thing from happening to anyone else.

The 16-year-old said she'd always wear her seat belt when her parents were around but, when she was alone, she did not.

McKenna White is finally going home - a place where she is about as active as you can be in your community.

The 16-year-old loves showing livestock, taking part in speech contests and helping out at church.

But, all that changed on Super Bowl Sunday.

"I was going to go to church, and I don't know. I don't remember until about Thursday," White said.

According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, White was headed eastbound on Highway 9 when she drove off the road and over-corrected. Her pickup flipped twice, and she was ejected nearly 40 feet.

First responders and family members rushed to the scene.

White was airlifted to OU Medical Center. Troopers said they were surprised she survived.

"I don't remember it, and I don't want to remember it," White said.

White had a dislocated hip, fractured pelvis, broken femur and broke six vertebrae in her back.

"She had multiple procedures but did fairly well," said Dr. Tonya Washburn with the Children's Center Rehabilitation Hospital.

A few days later, White was transferred from to the Children's Center Rehabilitation Hospital where she's spent two weeks learning once again how to do the basic things like showering and getting around in a wheelchair.

The active 16-year-old won't be able to even try to start walking again for another three months, but doctors expect her to make a full recovery.

"She's very strong-willed, she's a healthy 16-year-old and they heal so rapidly," Washburn said.

While at the hospital, though, White has not been only focused on herself. She also brought stuffed animals in to cheer up other patients, making lots of friends along the way, friends she plans on going back to visit as a volunteer when she gets back on her feet.

"She's a good kid," Washburn said.

Phone records show White was not texting at the time of the crash, but her family believes she may have been messing with cords to play music on her phone. Now, she's urging everyone to drop their phones and buckle up.

"It's not important enough," White said. "I hope that all of my friends and people at school have learned that. I wouldn't want anybody else in this predicament."

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