Prosecutors question witnesses in Oklahoma bomb plot case

Drake Varnell, Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2015

OKLAHOMA CITY – Federal prosecutors have questioned four FBI agents and an informant as they continue to present evidence in the trial of a man accused of planning to detonate a bomb outside an Oklahoma City bank.

Authorities alleged Jerry Varnell planned to detonate what he thought was a half-ton (450-kilogram) vehicle bomb on August 12, 2017. The FBI learned of the plan, and an undercover agent posing as someone who could help construct the device provided inert materials.

Varnell’s trial began on February 12.

Radio Station KGOU reports prosecutors have questioned witnesses and used video and audio recordings, as well as Facebook and text messages, to recount the events that lead to Varnell’s arrest.

Varnell has pleaded not guilty. His defense attorney said he has mental health issues and was entrapped.

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