Convicted scammer strikes unsuspecting Oklahomans again

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Kim Barfield said she won't rest until Christopher Harrell is behind bars.

Harrell's already on probation and serving a suspended sentence for fraud convictions in Cleveland, Logan and Oklahoma counties and, just this month, the Oklahoma Attorney General filed new felony charges against him, saying Harrell used "deception and false representations with the intent to cheat and defraud" Oklahomans.

Barfield posted on Facebook needing an electrician, and Harrell responded saying he could save her money.

Barfield's son, Nate, was in a time crunch to move into his new place and needed someone to tie in electrical service.

Harrell promised savings, but what the family got instead was a waste of precious time and money.

“My son called and said, 'Mom, these wires are going everywhere. It looks like an octopus, and the wires won't even fit in the box where you can close it,'” Barfield said.

Barfield told the In Your Corner team that Harrell then had the nerve to ask her for more cash for the permit and inspection, when he doesn't even have a license to pull a permit.

“I don't know what kind of bull crap you're pulling with me, but I'm done,” she said.

Barfield got a judgement against Harrell for over $1,500, but she hasn't seen a dime. She started a Facebook Messenger group for people who said they were also ripped off by Harrell.

The felon recently wrapped up a six month stint behind bars.

“He won't be a free man for long.”

The state's already fined Harrell three times for contracting without a license.

It is likely more complaints are out there.

Click here to file your complaint with the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board and the Attorney General.

To check an electrician’s license, click here.

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