Oklahoma animal rescue organization takes in baby goat with frostbite

LUTHER, Okla. – A baby goat from Kansas is now recovering at a rescue organization in Oklahoma.

According to the Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary, the organization took in a 3-week-old goat from Kansas who suffered severe frostbite on his legs and ears.

The organization says the goat, now named Heatly after veterinarian Dr. Summer Heatly, lost an ear during the ride home and one hoof was already detached. Vets removed dead tissue and cleaned the infected area.

Ultimately, Heatly lost both ears and the hoof is completely gone.

“The remaining hoof is still attached, but it might need to come off,” the organization said on Facebook.

Officials with the nonprofit say the previous owner of Heatly realized the goat was frozen and reached out to the rescue, and met them a couple of hours away to get him to safety.

“This is a VERY rare and wonderful thing,” said the nonprofit. “This rarely happens, and sometimes owners still try and make money off of the injured or ill animals. This man didn’t.”

Heatly has a long road of recovery ahead and is on pain meds and antibiotics. He is also now able to stand again.

If you’d like to make a donation to the organization, click here.

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