Oklahoma City Zoo welcomes two new rhinos

OKLAHOMA CITY - Two rhinos have been added to the Oklahoma City Zoo family!

The two Indian rhinos, Arun and Shanti, arrived to the zoo's Sanctuary Asia habitat on February 20 from the Fort Worth Zoo as the Texas facility prepares for extensive renovations to their Asian species habitat.

“We are thrilled to welcome these wonderful animals to the OKC Zoo,” said Rachel Emory, curator of pachyderms. “Not only are we glad to help our neighbors to the south as they upgrade their facilities, but we are also excited about the possible pairing of Arun and Niki, our 12-year-old female rhino.”

Arun, 29, is described by zoo officials from Fort Worth as "very curious" and "loving attention." He is active in his outdoor habitat and enjoys oranges and bananas. He weighs more than 3,800 pounds, almost two tons.

Arun; Fort Worth Zoo

Shanti, 32, is a bit shyer than Arun and loves enrichment activities, especially puzzle feeders and tires. She also enjoys eating banana leaves. Her weight is a little less than Arun's at 3,600 pounds.

Shanti; Fort Worth Zoo

The median life expectancy for Indian rhinos is 30.4 years.

According to the Oklahoma City Zoo, "because Arun and Shanti are geriatric members of their species, the OKC Zoo will likely be their forever home."

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