Perkins wildlife rescue searching for lost American Kestrel

PERKINS, Okla. – A wildlife rescue in Perkins needs you to be on the lookout after a young bird got out of his enclosure over the weekend.

According to Nature’s Vein, “Danger Proof” got out of his enclosure when strong winds rattled the door of its hinges on Saturday.

“He has been out flying before (almost daily for exercise) and gotten lost once but came back to this hawk house for food, but after spending the night out and a whole day of searching he did not come back!” the nonprofit said on Facebook. “We are very worried about him as this is an imprinted bird and he is not afraid of people or pets!”

Officials with Nature’s Vein say Danger Proof is not dangerous or afraid of people, and may land on someone’s head if he gets hungry.

“He has some hunting ability and may be able to make it in that sense but he has no fear of cats, dogs or other predators that are dangerous to him!” they said.

Danger Proof is an American Kestrel with leather anklets and black and orange straps hanging from his legs.

The nonprofit says if you see him, do not approach or try to grab him, but call the rescue immediately instead at (405)665-0091. If they are unable to answer, you can also send a text.

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