Governor Kevin Stitt to announce new appointment to University of Oklahoma Board of Regents Friday

OU campus

OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor Kevin Stitt will hold a press conference to announce his appointment to the OU Board of Regents on Friday.

Governor Stitt will make the announcement at a time to be determined in the Blue Room on the second floor of the Oklahoma Capitol.

This individual will be appointed to a 7 year term, filling the position previously held by Clayton Bennett.

Two board seats are currently vacant just in the last two months after the passing of Bill W. Burgess, Jr. and chairman Clay Bennett resigned from the board because of health issues.

Bennett was appointed to the Board of Regents by Governor Mary Fallin in 2011 for a seven-year term.

Governor Mary Fallin appointed Bill W. Burgess, Jr., to a seven-year term on the Board of Regents in 2014.

Just after Bennett resigned, Governor Kevin Stitt said he would like to see more diversity on the board of regents at the University of Oklahoma.

Stitt says it’s important that whoever he appoints to the panel have business experience and a love for the university.

It is unclear when he will assign a board member to replace Burgess’ open seat.

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