How does your child’s school rank? Report cards for Oklahoma schools released

OKLAHOMA CITY – Parents across the state will be able to see how their child’s school ranks in several categories, using a new school report card system.

The new Oklahoma school report card will focus on several indicators including academic achievement and growth, but also how high school students are preparing for post-secondary opportunities. It will also focus on students whose second language is English and how they progress over a five-year period.

“We believe it’s important to tell a more comprehensive story about the work that schools are doing and be able to tell that in a way that’s more meaningful,” said Oklahoma State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister.

On Thursday, the Oklahoma State Report Card system was posted online.

Overall, the state’s report card ranked Oklahoma schools as a ‘C.’

The state received a 45% for ‘Academic Achievement,’ and 50% for ‘Academic Growth.’ It also says that 86% of students graduated in four or five years, while the state received a 43% for how well schools are helping students gain early college and career exposure.

Data pix.

The Oklahoma State Schools Boards Association executive director Shawn Hime sent KFOR a statement, saying,

"Great work is happening in schools across the state to help every child be successful, and we’re hopeful the new school report cards will be a reflection of that. The focus on growth in student achievement is a welcome change from the previous report card, but there are still many unknowns. Our chief areas of concern have long been that a letter grade is far too simple for such a complex issue and whether the grades will be correlated to poverty. Those are among the issues we’ll be carefully examining as the report cards become publicly available."

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